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Cool Bong Benefits and Features

With a bong, it offers a smoother smoke. This really is because the smoke will not irritate the throat because the domestic hot water kills off high of the bacteria that will rather be from the smoke. How’s that for an enormous advantage of using a bong.

If your bong you use is really a glass pipe in contrast to a number of the homemade bongs that individuals attempt to make, there is a smaller sized possibility of entering exposure to chemicals that might be hazardous towards the smoker.

Similar to the bongs, pipes are also pretty helpful smoking accessories. More about pipes can be found here.


With your bong is actually fine for casual use. The way in which the filtration system works helps lower the probabilities for cancer of the lung and other dangerous illnesses.

This is largely simply because that there are less toxins being introduced to the body during one hit when compared with just one inhale over a normal cigarette or other rolled instrument. The truth is, some studies suggest that as much as 90% with the toxins within a substance may be trapped within the water pipes.

Although a huge benefit, the bong must be used in moderation. By not overusing it, you will not run the risk of cancelling the helpful benefits that come from using the bong or pipe. For more pipes, like one hitter dugout or steamroller, can be found here.

History of Cannabis

Sherrat seemed to be in a position to detect the cannabis in older ceramic tripod bowls.

Inside the ancient Mesopotamia, cannabis was applied being an incense to thrill the gods.

The Greek society seemed to be not stranger to cannabis use. It was known to cause nasty coughing.

To stop it learn here.

Their history implies that people utilized to throw cannabis flowering tops about the hot stones and consider the pleasure of inhaling the smoke in a closed tent.

Even containers have already been found where these hot stones were contained.

Cannabis smoking was prevalent amongst males and also females who belonged to raised socioeconomic classes during those times.

Prior to the commencement of modern times, the usage of pipe is not evident. Individuals were using cannabis with no smoking instrument till then. It is believed that it was the tobacco, which was used for smoking before cannabis.

Columbus was surprised to see the Indians smoking cigarettes so commonly! Because of good drying process which allowed smooth taste. It is simply after imitating the use of tobacco cannabis was applied for smoking through pipes. Before that it was mainly used without the instrument or through oral tablets or fluids.

What To Look When Buying Bong

This may not be a big issue if you are in for personal use glass bongs. But if you are shopping for business use, such as clubs and bars, then ensuring product are of good quality will be important. Such products should be strong and easy to clean.

There are a wide number of glass products with each having different strength levels. It will be important to opt for one that is stocked with premium made glass material such as 24ct gold, raw silver, Pyrex or even Simax.


Most recently, better supplier have unique products that tend to color under high temperatures. A cooperation that is well stocked with not only glass bongs, but also glass lamps, boxes for growing, margarita glasses with more other is a clear indication of a reputable supplier.

Wide range of glass bongs to choose from

How many brands to the suppliers offer? Are they of good glass material? Well, you should answer these questions before ordering your new products. There are latest glass bong designs that you would wish to have.

The industry has seen many innovations to make smoking easier and more environmentally friendly. But, you will need more than that in sophisticated brands that make bongs with better features. Find out if the supplier can offer personalized glass bongs as that’s the new trend.


You will feel better having your initials or even slogan inscribed in the product. It just feels nice. You should thus ensure that you settle on the best supplier.

Finally, purchasing glass bongs is one of the most delicate processes especially when doing it for commercial purposes. People want to use the best products at your club or bar when they buy drinks.


The good thing modern technology is that you can always find reliable suppliers online. You just need to do some searching and settle on one that is reputable, efficient in delivery, better glasses and even better customer service.

Best Glass Bong Supplier Near You

There has never been doubt about the efficiency of glass pipes or rather glass bongs. Puffing your herb from a glass bong is the new thing that mints out all the ingredients offering superb feelings.

Use of glass pipes has thus taken over the industry not just for smoking purposes, but for other blowing purposes too, like dabbing or vaping. If you are going to purchase new glass bongs, then ensuring you buy from reliable suppliers is important.


You don’t want to opt for mediocre brands from unlicensed suppliers that will end up breaking. Shopping for these incredible products may not be as easy for many as it seems. You need to consider a few things to get the best ones in the market.

Wide experience

It’s just basic that a company that has been in the industry for a while will have the right products for you. The industry changes with time and sourcing seeing the introduction of new products each time like vaporizers, smell proof bags etc.

If you are going to land quality glass bongs, then such an online provider should be your choice. Furthermore, a seasoned provider has the right delivery networks that will safely deliver your products fast.


You can easily know how long an online supplier has been in operation by checking their website and customers reviews. You don’t want to try some new company that may not have the experience and capacity to deliver in time.

Top 10 Cool Glass Bongs You Should Own

bongs waterpipes glass pipes

1. Lightshow Skull Glass Tube

This is a simple and a budget friendly bong. Running at just about a hundred dollars, it will provide you with a solid smoking experience. Made from your standard borosilicate glass, it features a bowl and a metal down the stem. Lightshow Skull Glass from Black Leaf also comes with LED lights that shine through the skull shaped bowl, making this an insanely trippy bong, especially with the lights turned off.

Lightshow Skull Glass Tube with LED lights

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2. Double Egg Bong

A device that’s all about functionality and durability, the Double Egg Bong from G-Spot offers twice as much volume than the previous Egg Bong. Combine that with an ice catcher and the bongs sizeable dimensions, and you get an extremely good filtering of the smoke. The tube is ever so slightly angled, making it easier when taking a hit. Being a G-Spot product, it’s made out of high-grade borosilicate glass, and the logo is imprinted along the neck in gold leaf.
Double Egg Bong

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3. Pink Glass Bong with Black Wrap and Foot

Almost every item on this list comes with a certain functionality that stands out from the regular bongs. In that regard, the Pink Glass bong provides a good taste, but fails to offer anything special. Not to say that it’s not a good bong. We’re just trying to say that the specialty of this device doesn’t lie in its performance, but in its design. Noble Glass specializes in designing especially cool glass bongs. And the design of this thing is truly beautiful. The hand-blown, soft pink glass stands on a specially crafted base, and the tube is decorated with a black wrap. This may be the cheapest piece on this list, but dare I say it, it sure is the most beautiful.

Pink Glass Bong with Black Wrap and Foot

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4. G-Spot UFO bong

Similar to the previous Double Egg bong, a UFO bong is also a product of G-Spot. That means sturdy and quality borosilicate glass, and a permanently imprinted G-Spot logo along the neck that doesn’t fade. The UFO bong can also hold a sizeable amount of water thanks to its flying saucer shape. The prize to quality ratio is just right with this product. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with this extraterrestrial themed bong. The shape looks extremely cool and is a personal favorite of many of our customers.

G-Spot UFO bong

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5. Twin Tower Four-Chamber Beaker Base Glass Tube

This 22.4 inch beast of a water pipe is a creation of a German designer Ziggi Jackson from Weed Star. The name of the game is effectiveness, and this device has got it. The four chambers with a circ perc allow the smoke to get cooled and then diffused, thanks to the enormous cooling volume. The added functionality of ice notches allows you to add ice to your smoke, making your hit even smoother.

Twin Tower Four-Chamber Beaker Base Glass Tube

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6. Lazyboy

Another unique product that scores points in both design and functionality, the “Lazyboy” is an American-made glass bong, hand blown and crafted in Oregon. Made by American Glass Works, this signature piece doesn’t just have a cool bong name, but also comes equipped with a diffuser system, glass ground joints and beautifully designed ice-notches that naturally slip into your grip when you hold it. This bong stands out from the rest of the crowd, as the angled tube gives it a special look and feel. The unique design also provides functionality, since you don’t have to angle yourself directly above it, hence the name “Lazyboy”.

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7. Gridded Tongue Percolator Vapor Bong

Gridded Tongue comes from the newly famed Pulse Glass family. This best seller is perfect for upwards airflow, especially on the bottom chambers of the double percolator pieces. It also preserves the flavor of your herb. All Pulse percolators are hand-blown and expertly crafted, so you know that every new Pulse Tongue percolator is unique. This piece of glass art is made from the highest quality Schott glass and the Pule Glass logo is labeled in real platinum, so it will never fade.

Gridded Tongue Percolator Vapor Bong

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8. Wave Bong

A G-Spot Wave Bong is a mix of traditional and funky. For the most part, it’s a regular glass bong, and a big one at that. Being a G-Spot product, it comes from the traditional manufacturer of extremely sturdy glass. Said to be able to break wooden planks and hammer nails, this Germany made bong is annealed to release surface tension, and then oven tempered. The curvy shape in form of a wave gives this bong an unusual and a very special look without making the glass frailer. A great combination of sturdiness and creativity.
Wave Bong

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9. Glass Ice Bong

This is a simple, and yet truly unique bong in both experience and appearance. Although subtle, the 3D marble design gives this product an attractive and elegant look.
As for the smoking experience, the Glass Ice Bong is superior to the majority of other ice pipe vaporizers. The design is perfected not just for the look of the bong, but also for the smoothness and the coolness of the smoke. The inline percolator combined with the fixed stem keeps this bong rigid while at the same time providing an instant release of vapors.
Glass Ice Bong

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10. Swiss Percolator

The Swiss Percolator comes as another great Pulse Glass product on this list. This cool water bong is created from Pyrex glass and features a stemless design, which filters a lot of debris and tar from the smoke and moistens it before inhaling. It also comes with an ice catcher, giving you the option of a cooler smoke. Carbing is easy due to a ground glass bowl, and the mouthpiece is thick and comfortable. All and all, a quality bong that is simple and easy to use.
Swiss Percolator

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