Cool Bong Benefits and Features

With a bong, it offers a smoother smoke. This really is because the smoke will not irritate the throat because the domestic hot water kills off high of the bacteria that will rather be from the smoke. How’s that for an enormous advantage of using a bong.

If your bong you use is really a glass pipe in contrast to a number of the homemade bongs that individuals attempt to make, there is a smaller sized possibility of entering exposure to chemicals that might be hazardous towards the smoker.

Similar to the bongs, pipes are also pretty helpful smoking accessories. More about pipes can be found here.


With your bong is actually fine for casual use. The way in which the filtration system works helps lower the probabilities for cancer of the lung and other dangerous illnesses.

This is largely simply because that there are less toxins being introduced to the body during one hit when compared with just one inhale over a normal cigarette or other rolled instrument. The truth is, some studies suggest that as much as 90% with the toxins within a substance may be trapped within the water pipes.

Although a huge benefit, the bong must be used in moderation. By not overusing it, you will not run the risk of cancelling the helpful benefits that come from using the bong or pipe. For more pipes, like one hitter dugout or steamroller, can be found here.