History of Cannabis

Sherrat seemed to be in a position to detect the cannabis in older ceramic tripod bowls.

Inside the ancient Mesopotamia, cannabis was applied being an incense to thrill the gods.

The Greek society seemed to be not stranger to cannabis use. It was known to cause nasty coughing.

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Their history implies that people utilized to throw cannabis flowering tops about the hot stones and consider the pleasure of inhaling the smoke in a closed tent.

Even containers have already been found where these hot stones were contained.

Cannabis smoking was prevalent amongst males and also females who belonged to raised socioeconomic classes during those times.

Prior to the commencement of modern times, the usage of pipe is not evident. Individuals were using cannabis with no smoking instrument till then. It is believed that it was the tobacco, which was used for smoking before cannabis.

Columbus was surprised to see the Indians smoking cigarettes so commonly! Because of good drying process which allowed smooth taste. It is simply after imitating the use of tobacco cannabis was applied for smoking through pipes. Before that it was mainly used without the instrument or through oral tablets or fluids.